Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl Fencing, Orange County

Vinyl products turn yellow?

No. Unlike the mass-produced plastic products you may be familiar with, our product line is engineered to maintain its true color for a lifetime. Our products contain 10% titanium dioxide (Ti02) as well as other chemical additives which prevent ultraviolet degradation. Yellowing in vinyl products is due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This amount of extremely effective UV inhibitor guarantees to hold up in the most extreme climates.

How strong is vinyl?

Vinyl has been impact modified with a chemical compound. The product formula has been tailored to provide optimum performance in the field… extremely strong.


How do I clean my vinyl products?

Under normal circumstances a simple rinse with a garden hose will be sufficient. For more stubborn stains however, lacquer thinner is recommended.


Why the Vinyl product line has become a big hit in the fence industry?

Not all vinyl fences are the same. Vinyl is manufactured with the highest industry UV protection, 100% virgin vinyl throughout. This insures long-term durability, flexibility & weatherability in even the harshest climates. Vinyl is built to last and backed with a lifetime limited warranty. While keeping the quality of our products in the highest standard, thanks to our own manufacture and very efficient company system, we have been able to keep our cost low, therefore our customers can enjoy our fine products at very attractive prices.


Serving: Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange County, CA